What Does A City Council Member Do?

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A city council member is a member of a city's government, representing specific people in the community. They help pass laws, approve or deny requests and applications, etc. 

Represent Residents of a District or Ward in the City

Most cities break down into districts or wards with a similar number of residents in each of them. A city council member will represent one of these districts, so the residents there get their needs heard in City Hall. The system prevents one particular district in a city from having more power than others.  

Join Committees

Members of a city council will join committees that handle specific tasks. For example, one committee might handle zoning issues while another handles school-related things. Once a council member joins a committee, they address all requests and concerns related to that subject, along with other committee members. 

Consider City Projects

Before a project can happen in a city, the city council members must approve it. It ensures that no particular districts suffer negative consequences from a specific project while others benefit. The idea is to keep things fair for all residents in the city, regardless of where they live. 

Vote on Issues

When you picture a city council, you may think of a group of people who vote on city-wide issues. That is an essential role of city council members. They will vote on new laws, regulations, proposals, etc., to ensure a fair, democratic process. 

Partake in Community Meetings

A city council member doesn't spend all their time at city hall. They spend lots of time in their communities visiting with residents, business owners, etc., to ensure everyone is getting their voices heard. In many cases, city council members attend community meetings where community members can speak out about any critical issues of the time. 

Join Causes

City council members tend to get behind specific causes that they think are important for the betterment of their city. They usually choose their causes based on their personal beliefs and what will benefit the most people in the district they represent. They will then spend lots of time trying to make changes that will positively impact their cause. 

Meet with District Residents

The more time a city council member spends speaking directly with people in their district, the better. A city council member acts as the voice of their community, so it's vital they know what people want and need in their district.

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